Managed office space is the new black

According to an article in the Washington Post today the economy is on the rebound (woo-hoo). Unemployment is down and disposable income is up meaning that we are going to start to see some things start to shift.  🙂
During the downturn there was a large number of people who were laid off, which finally gave them the push they needed to start their own businesses! From graphic designers to event planners;  2010 brought the highest percentage of start-ups in more than a decade (according to, and now that the economy is starting to turn those businesses are going to grow. Where will they go you might ask? Great question.

Moving out of your home office into uncharted territory is SO exciting, but there are some major draw backs that you probably don’t know about. Most corporate office centers have rigid terms and what you are leasing is totally empty. That means you provide the furniture. I don’t know about you, but the last time I priced out office furniture I had a bit of sticker shock. Wowza. Plus, once you do buy the furniture it takes up to 6 weeks to get it sometimes. 6 weeks! There is a better option and it’s called Managed Office Space.

Our managed office space offers a gorgeous conference room available to you any time you need it

 A managed office space offer the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. When you lease space in a managed office building there are definite perks; the furniture is included (INCLUDED!),  utilities, common area to use, restroom facilities that are clean and always stalked (bonus), gorgeous professional conference rooms for you to use (we make YOU look good), and most are ready in just over 24 hours. Whoa! What a difference!

Managed office space in Bellevue
Managed office space available in Bellevue, WA

Most people don’t know that leasing space in a managed office building is an option, and I am hear to say it is not only an option but a win-win business plan! Some businesses offer specials and promotions depending on what your needs are. So, if you are one of the thousands of start-ups that has out grown your home office take a peek at leasing space in a managed office space and get your business off the ground!
Contact Gelotte Hommas for more information about our  managed office space.

2 Replies to “Managed office space is the new black”

  1. Great article you have here, thanks for sharing. But, in your opinion, what exactly is the most apparent signal that an entrepreneur has outgrown the home office and is ready for a managed place for business?

    1. This is a truly dynamic question which doesn’t have just one answer. There can be many mile markers along the way of entrepreneurship which signal it’s time for growth, given that the company is wanting to grow. Meeting with a business plan consultant might help someone to decide what their long term goals are and how to achieve them. Once someone is ready to expand, a managed office space is a great solution to meet that need. Thanks for your question!

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