Break ground on an outdoor living space: Moroccan Monday

A moroccan renovation added square feet to this clients outdoor living area

Are you are considering a renovation or remodel of your outdoor living space this Spring? About a year ago one of our clients had just finished up design and was getting ready to break ground on a total remodel to their outdoor living area. A few questions to keep in mind are:

Consider your desired total square feet (both covered and uncovered)
  1. How many square feet are you looking to add?
    Have a good idea of what your end goal is important, and don’t let the fact that we live in the Pacific Northwest hold you back either. From canopy’s to NanaWalls – there are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors and stay dry.

    Will there be a fire pit or a fireplace?
  2.  Does your dream outdoor space have a fire pit, a fireplace, or none of the above?
    Take some time to do some homework and decide if you would like a fire pit or a fireplace. You could have both, although you would need more square footage

    To pillar or not to pillar

  3. Are you looking to create a more drama in your outdoor living area?
    Pillars and half walls are a great way to divide your space and keep it open and airy. Plus it adds some major drama and elegance *BONUS*

    What's under your feet?
  4. What is the ground made of?
    Whether your preference is tile, concrete or limestone there are perks and drawbacks to them all.  Doing a little bit of research here would be beneficial and fun!

Regardless of what your dreams are for your outdoor living space, give GHA a call and we can help you figure out how to bring those dreams to life!
This featured project is way beyond completion, but click here if you would like to watch a time laps film of when the construction was wrapping up.
*photos courtesy of Faith Sheridan Interior Design*


3 Replies to “Break ground on an outdoor living space: Moroccan Monday”

  1. Great post… Hard to believe it’s nearly 1 year on this project. Great rendering, Scott (of course). Glad you chose to share this collaboration. The ceiling detail is superb as well an the niche in the fireplace. Outstanding project!

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