Teaching a new house old tricks

One of our top ten most designed home styles is by far the Bungalow, although we have definitely seen a reduction of this particular style over the last few years in the Seattle area. Our bungalow designs have been featured in magazines across the country as well as books (Creating an Old New House). Styles come and go, and so was the fate of the Northwest Bungalow, or so we thought. Recently we have see a spike in this style again! From keyword searches, to Pinterest, Houzz ideabooks and of course our blog. People want to see more – do you blame them?

The Medina Bungalow
The Medina Bungalow

When you think of “Bungalow” generally you think of California Bungalow, but there a a number of different renditions including the Northwest Bungalow, however all bungalows have a few key identifying features:

Look at all the wood detailing - down to the refrigerator door(From Bungalow on the Beach)
  • Low, sloping roof either gabled (front or side) or hipped, often with wide overhangs
  • Exposed roof structure throughout the home (beams, rafters)
  • Exterior proportions balanced rather than symmetrical in arrangement
  • Modest front porch
  • Front stoop
  • Focus on a garden, even if small
  • Open, informal floor plan
  • Prominent hearth
  • Interior wood details
  • Stained glass

    The Kirkland Bungalow
    Wood detailing and stained glass incorporated into the ceiling

We have a few more of our bungalow projects posted in a new idea book on Houzz called “Classic arts and crafts style architecture”. Take a look to get your creativity flowing! Happy Friday!


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