Inspiration Infusion

Do you love to be inspired? Of course you do! We all do from time to time, especially when it comes to designing our home.  We encourage our clients to take a look around in; magazines, interior design books,  and online for inspiration then either tear/print out the page and keep them all in once easy place. (A folder works really well for this.) Whether it’s a picture or a vase, a wall color, a certain type of  stone, or an entire home – rip it out and bring it in!

"Casa Del Sol" featured in Seattle Homes & Lifestyles
Storybook Cottage featured in Pacific Northwest Magazine.

A really great online option for quick infusions of inspiration is , and they even have a app (there’s an app for that)  for all you smart phone-ies out there.

GHA's profile on Houzz

We have a few of our projects on Houzz and are uploading new “Ideabooks” everyday.
Here is a link to check out a few, or you can just click on the link in our top navigation bar!
Head on over to our profile and “follow” us to stay up to date and in the know. Happy inspiring!

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