Kitchen Trends for 2012

When designing your kitchen during a custom home or remodeling project, there are many factors to consider. One of those factors being, the tile choice. The way in which you decide to design the tile or types of materials you use can create a wonderful accent to your kitchen area. One of the best ways to ensure your home is looking fresh and right out of a magazine is to consider the newest tile trends for 2012. We have uncovered a few trends in kitchen tiles that are predicted to hit high on the trend lists. Take a peek:

Take a look at a few kitchen tile trends for 2012.
  • Graphic patterns: It has been predicted that graphic patterns in tiles will be hot items on the trend list for 2012. Using graphic patterned tiles in your kitchen design can add texture, dimension and interest to the area. Typically, graphic patterns are best used in a smaller amount of space. Consider following this trend for your back splash to create interest without overdoing it.
  • Recycled materials: It’s no secret how trendy the idea of sustainable building became in recent years and it seems as though that trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. One of the other trends in kitchen tiles will be recycled materials. Adding tiles that are made out of recycled materials are a wonderful addition to your kitchen that was designed and built in a sustainable fashion.
  • New finishes: A new trend that has also been emerging is wood-look floor tile. This fantastic product looks exactly like wood but cuts the worry about spilling liquids on it. In addition, this great material is highly durable and wears quite well. Consider this material for your kitchen floor when designing your home.
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