Bridging the Gap

Bridges are often only thought about in terms of something that connects two roads across a large body of water. However, bridges are also wonderful elements for inside the home. Using a bridge in your home is a great way to link two different areas in a unique and original way. Bridges also have a way of filling space without too much effort. We uncovered a few great ideas for incorporating a bridge into your home, take a peek:

Photo from Houzz

Try a look that it a bit more daring with a minimal look such as this one. The glass material paired with the railing that looks as though it is floating mid-air creates an edgy, more excited look. A bridge such as this one is perfect for modern styles or an area you wish to keep as open as possible.

Photo from Houzz

Bridges in the home do not always have to be large and attention-getting. Simple bridges like this one create an interest in the area while also allowing the rest of the room’s features to shine though. Smaller bridges are perfect for smaller spaces in which you still wish to create an interesting atmosphere.

Photo from Houzz

Create a sturdier feel with a bridge by using walls around it. The windows in this area allow for natural sun light, which keeps the space from becoming too dark. A bridge like this one will create a cozier ambiance in the home through the use of space.
If you are in the Seattle area and interested in designing your home with a bridge in mind, contact Gelotte Hommas today for more information.



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