Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2012

Deciding to remodel your bathroom at the start of a New Year is a fantastic idea. A bathroom renovation can give your home that fresh face lift it has been needing. It is also to remodel at the start of a New Year due to the fact that you can get on board with all of the latest trends. We came across a few bathroom trends that are expected to be hot items in 2012. Take a look:

Photo from HGTV

One big trend we found is concrete in the bathroom. Counter tops and sinks, such as this one, are using concrete to mock the look of luxury hotels. This material is expected to become popular due to its natural and organic feel. It is also extremely durable and can add a surprisingly comfortable feel to the bathroom. 

Photo from HGTV

Floating fixtures are also items that are predicted to be quite popular in 2012. Using floating fixtures in a bathroom reduces the amount of cramped space by opening up the area, giving you spacial options you might have never known you had before using the fixtures. In addition, floating fixtures can also create that modern feel you have been looking to create in your bathroom.

Photo from HGTV

Adding sparkling and classic features is also becoming a popular trend. Hanging elements such as chandeliers in the bathroom create a feeling of elegance and add a touch of shine. In addition, adding timeless and sparkling elements makes the bathroom connect with the rest of the home and leaves it feeling less like a bathroom and more like a luxurious powder room.


If you are interested in remodeling your bathroom in line with the trends for 2012, contact Gelotte Hommastoday for more information on how to get started.



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