Add Arches to Your Home

Arches have a great way of adding depth, dimension and appeal to the home. They can open up a room as well as emphasize certain accents. If you have been considering planning a remodeling project or new home, consider using arches for a wide variety of reasons. It’s okay if you are unsure of what direction to go in terms of arches, we found a few wonderful styles that could be the perfect addition to your home. Take a peek at some fantastic arches and ways they can accent your home

Adding multiple arches is a great way to open up a room and make it seem as though it is more spacious. This room uses arches to create a more seamless, streamline look.
A series of arches is a classic way to elongate a space and add a touch of timelessness. The arches against the straight ceiling beams creates movement and dimensions.
If you are looking to add richness and a traditional ambiance to a space, consider framing the arches, or adding tile. Framed arches have a great way of adding a feeling of luxury and texture to an area.

Learn more about all things architecture by contacting Gelotte Hommas for more information.

Photos by Gelotte Hommas

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