Highlighting the Outdoor Entry Way

The outdoor front entry way is one of the very first elements guests and visitors see on your home, meaning it can make or break first impressions. With such a heavy responsibility weighing on the outdoor entry way, it is important to make sure it looks nothing short of spectacular. Using architectural details, you can make your outdoor entry way really shine. If you are considering a remodeling project or building a custom home, don’t forget to include the entry way. Take a look at a few ways architectural details can make all the difference in your entry way:

Gelotte Hommas
This beautiful entry way uses lighting to highlight the smaller architectural details.
  • Light it up: Architectural lighting is a wonderful way to mix functionality and beauty into one. Use lighting to guide guests when they enter your home during the night as well as highlight some of beautiful, smaller architectural details on your home.
  • Focus on architectural period elements: No matter what architecture style your home is, you can always focus on the period in the entry way. Updating or enhancing the more intricate details that point to the architecture period on the entry way of your home is a great way to bring the style to life.
  • Mix and match: Using various materials in your outdoor entry way is also a way to bring architectural details to life. You can bring the whole look together by using the same type of geometrical shape, but various shapes, sizes and colors. This will create dimension and originality in your entry way.
Learn more about how to bring out the best in your outdoor entry way with architectural details by contacting Gelotte Hommas today for more information.
Photo from Gelotte Hommas

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