Find Gelotte Hommas on Houzz

Gelotte Hommas is on various social media platforms across the web, including Houzz! If you are unfamiliar with Houzz, you are in luck. We have compiled all the information you will need on this amazing website. All you have to do is log on, browse through our photographs and recommend us if you so choose!

Click the picture and come follow us on Houzz

Houzz is a wonderful website for all things inspiration. Log on and browse through hundreds of photographs and ideas. When you log onto the Gelotte Hommas Houzz page, you will gain access to some wonderful elements. You can browse through our project photographs and idea books. An idea book is a post done by a user, which would be Gelotte Hommas in this case, and features something in the home. For instance, some of our idea books are, “Our Top 20 Favorite Fireplaces”, Mediterranean Style Architecture Brings Life into Small Spaces”, and “Concrete Floored Abode.” The goal of our idea books is to give you inspiration and ideas for your own home.

After perusing through our project photographs and idea books, give us a recommendation! Recommendations are easy to give and take approximately five minutes. Tell everyone else on Houzz how much you love us and why with a wonderful recommendation.

If you are in the Seattle area and interested in all things architecture, contact Gelotte Hommas today to learn more.

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