Different Details in Contemporary & Modern Architecture

In terms of architecture, the words “contemporary” and “modern” are often used interchangeably. However, modern architecture styles and contemporary architecture styles are two separate types of architecture. Don’t worry about trying to figure out all the details that make these two styles different from one another, that has already been done for you. Check out all the information on what makes modern architecture different from contemporary architecture:

This contemporary building used salvaged materials such as street signs and even phone books.

Contemporary: The concept of contemporary architecture essentially refers to architecture that is being produced now. It bends the rules and pushes the limits. Contemporary architecture is also not limited to one specific style of architecture. In addition to making new rules, contemporary architecture is often seen working in sync with energy efficient components. Some contemporary structures even go so far as to use salvaged materials for building.

Modern: Unlike contemporary architecture, modern architecture pays tribute to architecture styles past. The early to mid 20th century architecture is often a style most modern architecture spaces recall. Some of the elements from that style of architecture that can be seen in modern structures include, the use of concrete and steel, choosing stucco over brick, open floor plans and using glass in a large setting.

The use of large windows and an open floor plan are signals of modern architecture design in this home.

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