The History of Gelotte Hommas Holiday Cards

If you have ever worked with Gelotte Hommas before, you probably know that receiving a holiday card from us is normal. However, those of you haven’t yet worked with us might not know the history behind receiving a holiday card in the mail from Gelotte Hommas. The very first Gelotte Hommas holiday card design was in 1986 and we are happy to say we have been doing it ever since. Beginning in November, the holiday card process begins with holding a contest to come up with the theme.

Once the theme is decided on and the card design goes to print, a signing party is held where the entire office spends an evening hand signing each and every card. We enjoy all that goes into the holiday card process due to the simple fact that we love our clients! We’ve rounded up a few holiday cards from years past just for you, take a peek:

Holiday card from 1986

The card that started it all. This beautiful holiday card was the one designed and sent out in 1986 and began the tradition that still takes place today.

Holiday card from 2001

A far from the simplicity of the 1986 holiday card, this intricate holiday card uses soft colors and detailing to give a beautiful picture of a winter scene.

Holiday card from 2006

This amazing design makes you feel as though you are walking down a long corridor by using depth and detailing.

Getting on the mailing list to receive this amazing holiday cards is easy. Be sure to sign up and begin receiving beautiful holiday cards from Gelotte Hommas every season. Learn more about all things Gelotte Hommas and contact us today.

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