Check Out the Gelotte Hommas Gingerbread Creation

It’s no secret that Gelotte Hommas is capable of creating some breath-taking projects. This season, that includes a gingerbread creation! Gelotte Hommas is participating in the 2011 JDRF Gingerbread Villageand need your help. If you haven’t taken a look at the beautiful gingerbread creation done by Gelotte Hommas, prepare to be amazed, its like no other gingerbread house you have ever seen.

Architecturally designed by our very own Eric Drivdah, this amazing masterpiece outshines your typical gingerbread house.
Gelotte Hommas needs your help! Text MYJDRF2 to 50512 to vote for The Gare Du Palais.

See The Gare Du Palais and the rest of the gingerbread creations for yourself! Head to the Sheraton Hotel Lobby on Sixth Avenue until January 1st to get a peek at The Gare Du Palais. This amazing event is free to the public with encouragement of donations.

Photo from Gelotte Hommas

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