Add Arches to Your Home

Arches have a great way of adding depth, dimension and appeal to the home. They can open up a room as well as emphasize certain accents. If you have been considering planning a remodeling project or new home, consider using arches for a wide variety of reasons. It’s okay if you are unsure of what direction to go in terms of arches, we found a few wonderful styles that could be the perfect addition to your home. Take a peek at some fantastic arches and ways they can accent your home

Adding multiple arches is a great way to open up a room and make it seem as though it is more spacious. This room uses arches to create a more seamless, streamline look.
A series of arches is a classic way to elongate a space and add a touch of timelessness. The arches against the straight ceiling beams creates movement and dimensions.
If you are looking to add richness and a traditional ambiance to a space, consider framing the arches, or adding tile. Framed arches have a great way of adding a feeling of luxury and texture to an area.

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Highlighting the Outdoor Entry Way

The outdoor front entry way is one of the very first elements guests and visitors see on your home, meaning it can make or break first impressions. With such a heavy responsibility weighing on the outdoor entry way, it is important to make sure it looks nothing short of spectacular. Using architectural details, you can make your outdoor entry way really shine. If you are considering a remodeling project or building a custom home, don’t forget to include the entry way. Take a look at a few ways architectural details can make all the difference in your entry way:

Gelotte Hommas
This beautiful entry way uses lighting to highlight the smaller architectural details.
  • Light it up: Architectural lighting is a wonderful way to mix functionality and beauty into one. Use lighting to guide guests when they enter your home during the night as well as highlight some of beautiful, smaller architectural details on your home.
  • Focus on architectural period elements: No matter what architecture style your home is, you can always focus on the period in the entry way. Updating or enhancing the more intricate details that point to the architecture period on the entry way of your home is a great way to bring the style to life.
  • Mix and match: Using various materials in your outdoor entry way is also a way to bring architectural details to life. You can bring the whole look together by using the same type of geometrical shape, but various shapes, sizes and colors. This will create dimension and originality in your entry way.
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Celebrating 2011: Our Favorite Posts

The new year is almost upon us, which means 2011 is coming to a close quickly. In order to properly celebrate 2011 and welcome the coming of 2012, we have rounded up some of our personal favorite posts from this past year. We covered a wide variety of topics including, building green, new trends and everything in between. Pay tribute to 2011 and take a look back with us while we revisit some of our favorite posts. Take a look:

Check out some of our favorite posts from 2011
Now that we told you what some of our favorite posts from 2011 were, we want to hear from you! What were some of the posts you enjoyed most in 2011? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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Find Gelotte Hommas on Houzz

The amazing eyebrow window gives a panoramic view of the Puget Sound.

Gelotte Hommas is on various social media platforms across the web, including Houzz! If you are unfamiliar with Houzz, you are in luck. We have compiled all the information you will need on this amazing website. All you have to do is log on, browse through our photographs and recommend us if you so choose!

Click the picture and come follow us on Houzz

Houzz is a wonderful website for all things inspiration. Log on and browse through hundreds of photographs and ideas. When you log onto the Gelotte Hommas Houzz page, you will gain access to some wonderful elements. You can browse through our project photographs and idea books. An idea book is a post done by a user, which would be Gelotte Hommas in this case, and features something in the home. For instance, some of our idea books are, “Our Top 20 Favorite Fireplaces”, Mediterranean Style Architecture Brings Life into Small Spaces”, and “Concrete Floored Abode.” The goal of our idea books is to give you inspiration and ideas for your own home.

After perusing through our project photographs and idea books, give us a recommendation! Recommendations are easy to give and take approximately five minutes. Tell everyone else on Houzz how much you love us and why with a wonderful recommendation.

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Different Details in Contemporary & Modern Architecture

In terms of architecture, the words “contemporary” and “modern” are often used interchangeably. However, modern architecture styles and contemporary architecture styles are two separate types of architecture. Don’t worry about trying to figure out all the details that make these two styles different from one another, that has already been done for you. Check out all the information on what makes modern architecture different from contemporary architecture:

This contemporary building used salvaged materials such as street signs and even phone books.

Contemporary: The concept of contemporary architecture essentially refers to architecture that is being produced now. It bends the rules and pushes the limits. Contemporary architecture is also not limited to one specific style of architecture. In addition to making new rules, contemporary architecture is often seen working in sync with energy efficient components. Some contemporary structures even go so far as to use salvaged materials for building.

Modern: Unlike contemporary architecture, modern architecture pays tribute to architecture styles past. The early to mid 20th century architecture is often a style most modern architecture spaces recall. Some of the elements from that style of architecture that can be seen in modern structures include, the use of concrete and steel, choosing stucco over brick, open floor plans and using glass in a large setting.

The use of large windows and an open floor plan are signals of modern architecture design in this home.

Cape-cod Shingle Style by Gelotte Hommas

A classic look gives this home the ability to withstand the test of time.

We love sharing some of our most recent projects with our readers. Being able to take a peek inside just how much magic Gelotte Hommas can work gives you a better idea of all that we are capable of. If you haven’t yet seen the Cape-cod Shingle Style project yet, you are in luck. We’ve rounded up a few pictures so you can get a better idea of just how magnificent this recent Gelotte Hommas project is. Take a peek inside the Cape-cod Shingle Style project:

The amazing eyebrow window gives a panoramic view of the Puget Sound.
The amazing eyebrow window gives a panoramic view of the Puget Sound.
A classic look gives this home the ability to withstand the test of time.
A classic look gives this home the ability to withstand the test of time.
The open floor plan allows for natural light and an airy ambiance.
The open floor plan allows for natural light and an airy ambiance.

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The History of Gelotte Hommas Holiday Cards

If you have ever worked with Gelotte Hommas before, you probably know that receiving a holiday card from us is normal. However, those of you haven’t yet worked with us might not know the history behind receiving a holiday card in the mail from Gelotte Hommas. The very first Gelotte Hommas holiday card design was in 1986 and we are happy to say we have been doing it ever since. Beginning in November, the holiday card process begins with holding a contest to come up with the theme.

Once the theme is decided on and the card design goes to print, a signing party is held where the entire office spends an evening hand signing each and every card. We enjoy all that goes into the holiday card process due to the simple fact that we love our clients! We’ve rounded up a few holiday cards from years past just for you, take a peek:

Holiday card from 1986

The card that started it all. This beautiful holiday card was the one designed and sent out in 1986 and began the tradition that still takes place today.

Holiday card from 2001

A far from the simplicity of the 1986 holiday card, this intricate holiday card uses soft colors and detailing to give a beautiful picture of a winter scene.

Holiday card from 2006

This amazing design makes you feel as though you are walking down a long corridor by using depth and detailing.

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Check Out the Gelotte Hommas Gingerbread Creation

It’s no secret that Gelotte Hommas is capable of creating some breath-taking projects. This season, that includes a gingerbread creation! Gelotte Hommas is participating in the 2011 JDRF Gingerbread Villageand need your help. If you haven’t taken a look at the beautiful gingerbread creation done by Gelotte Hommas, prepare to be amazed, its like no other gingerbread house you have ever seen.

Architecturally designed by our very own Eric Drivdah, this amazing masterpiece outshines your typical gingerbread house.
Gelotte Hommas needs your help! Text MYJDRF2 to 50512 to vote for The Gare Du Palais.

See The Gare Du Palais and the rest of the gingerbread creations for yourself! Head to the Sheraton Hotel Lobby on Sixth Avenue until January 1st to get a peek at The Gare Du Palais. This amazing event is free to the public with encouragement of donations.

Photo from Gelotte Hommas