Indulge in a Residential Wine Cellar

Ready to take your wine-tasting or collecting hobby to the next level? Many wine lovers are indulging their passion by constructing wine cellars and storage rooms inside their own homes. An in-home wine cellar is an addition that can add an exciting entertainment option to your lifestyle not to mention the ability to control wine storage conditions to procure the perfect glass.

While, wine storage rooms are more practical for some homeowners, in Northern California wine country,underground wine caves revive age-old traditions with an authentic cellar experience. These amazing spaces are chronicled in the beautiful coffee table book “Into the Earth: A Wine Cave Renaissance” by Daniel D’Agostini.

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Image via

Gelotte Hommas Architecture in Bellevue, Wa., specializes in translating our clients’ dreams into exceptional designs in a variety of styles and sizes. With thoughtful attention to beauty, formrhythm, light, place, and materials, we have been crafting custom living spaces in the Seattle area for more than 25 years and are known for our personalized design.

If you are considering an in-home wine cellar, check out these cellaring basics from Wine Spectator, and contact Gelotte Hommas to get explore your design options.

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