Give Your High Ceiling a Smaller Scale

Having tall ceilings is definitely a bonus feature in a home. They open up the room and can make your home feel larger than it might actually be. However, sometimes a tall ceiling can feel a little too tall and you want to create a cozier, more at home feeling in the room. With the help of Gelotte Hommas, your tall ceiling can maintain its height while also creating a more snug atmosphere in the room.

These beams make the room and high ceiling cozier.

One feature that can be used in a room with high ceilings are beams. Whether for decorating or structural purposes, beams help break up the open space left from the tall ceilings. The advantage of beams is their ability to create a cozier atmosphere without being in the way. Beams can also be painted to match the ceiling to help blend them into the surrounding area.

If beams aren’t your taste, consider building a false ceiling instead. False ceilings can be built over areas that are often populated, such as the kitchen table. You can build a false ceiling over one part of the room and leave the high ceiling in other parts of the room to add dimension as well as a closer feel without even noticing it.

Perhaps you prefer the high ceiling as is but you are just searching for that little something extra to complete the room. If so, consider building a shelf to display home decor items. This is an easy way to fill empty space as well as show off your personal take on style and design while also keeping the bigger feel to the room.

If you have a tall ceiling that you feel needs work, contact Gelotte Hommas today to learn more about your options.

Photo from Houzz

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