3 Tips to Make Your Home Happier

Living in a home that boosts happiness is an important factor. One way to increase the happiness factor in your home is to use Gelotte Hommas to work on a remodel or project with you. Once you’re perfect project is completed, inserting your own style and design aspects is important. Check out a few ways to use your own inspirations along with Gelotte Hommas design to create a happier home:

Accenting with trim and splashes of bring colors can really open up a room
  • Open up with white paint: White paint reflects light, which can open up an area as well as accent the color items in the space. It can also create a cozy, warm feeling during fall and winter seasons.
The use of color and throughout this master suite brightens and opens up the entire space
  • Color your entry way: The foyer is often where most guests will make a first impression of your home. Catch their attention by adding a pop of color here and there to express your personal sense of style and design. Adding accents with color to the foyer also gives guests an idea of what to expect throughout the rest of your home.
  • Go bold: Smaller spaces allow you to be more dramatic. Use a bold print or pattern to brighten up a smaller area of your home.
Boosting the happiness in your home can be done easily when you work with Gelotte Hommas. Use these tips and contact Gelotte Hommas to begin working on making your home a happy one.
Photos from Gelotte Hommas

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