Entry Way Designs by Gelotte Hommas

The entry way. Arguably one of the most important areas in your home. The entry way is not only a chance to set the tone for your home, but a chance to make a first impression that sticks. The entry way is also a place where you drop your keys or your mail, which means functionality of the entry way is important. Gelotte Hommas has created various designs for entry ways that exemplify multiple styles of design. Remodeling your foyer could be just the trick you need to give your home a fresh makeover. Take a look at some of the entry ways done by Gelotte Hommas:

This traditional design gives the entry way an open, yet at-home feel.
Following the artsy feel of the rest of the home, this entry way uses art to lead guests from the foyer to the living area.
This foyer uses details to emphasize the European tone that is given off throughout the home.

Give your home a makeover and talk to Gelotte Hommas about remodeling your foyer. The foyer is a place for impressions, personality and scene setting. Rest assured knowing the end result will be just as you dreamed when you use Gelotte Hommas to remodel your foyer.

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