Contemporary Design From Gelotte Hommas

Many of our designs from Gelotte Hommas are nature inspired homes with lots of exposed wood and traditional lines, interpreted in a modern way. Still, this natural look isn’t for everyone. If you’re more about sleek lines and smooth surfaces, contemporary architecture is probably more your style, featuring sharp angles, lots of light, and open space.

Contemporary design is both beautiful and functional, but some homeowners shy away from the style out of worry that it will be too clinical or sterile in feel rather than relaxing and inviting. In our work for The Gallery in Kirkland, we worked to make a contemporary space still feel natural and cozy without losing the spirit of a modern space:

Click each image to enlarge it:


What do you find to be the strengths of contemporary architecture? What about the weaknesses?In each room you can follow the natural floor which keeps the space grounded in natural elements while allowing it a sleek and modern look. The organic layout of each room helps to accent these details from the space itself, highlighting the architecture and keeping each room at ease.

Photos from Gelotte Hommas Architecture


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