Announcing Our New Initiative, Arc i tek

We’ve been hinting and teasing about a new program with Gelotte Hommas that would be coming down the pipeline. We offer thanks to everyone for their patience while awaiting the news, and we’re happy to say that we can finally announce arc i tek!

Contact Gelotte Hommas for more details

Arc i tek will be a youth based program in which Gelotte Hommas Architecture will work with the Seattle Architecture Foundation. The program will feature a series of workshops and tours that will come to a competition. This program is great for youth who have an interest in architecture or just in design, and will help to engage them towards “building a vision of a future Seattle World’s Fair in the year 2062.” In workshops, teachers will work with youth to explore design and create their own submission models for this goal of future vision.

More details should be coming soon, but stay excited about this great opportunity!

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