Cascade Joinery Highlights Gelotte Hommas Architecture

Thanks to Cascade Joinery, who did the timber work on our “Cedar Haven” project in Carnation, Wash., for highlighting Gelotte Hommas Architecture in its blog post “It’s in the Details.” The post champions the detailed craftsmanship demonstrated by both Cascade Joinery and Gelotte Hommas in the collaborative home project, built by Hamish Anderson Custom Homes, and sites our firm as producing some of its favorite designs. What can we say? We keep good company. Thanks again, Cascade Joinery!

Here’s a peek at the synergy we achieved in creating this timber-framed balcony:

Extensive use of timber throughout the home

Check out more photos and details about “Cedar Haven”, a sophisticated 8,500 square-foot woodland retreat, featuring:

A petrified stump found on the property featured under the open trellis foyer makes for a very dramatic entry

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