Accenting Your Home’s Architecture with Paint

The interior design that went into this home after it was designed by Gelotte Hommas truly stands out as a great example of how to accent the architectural elements of your home through paint and decor. Each of the homes designed by Gelotte Hommas has special features and small touches to accent their over all aesthetic. You can choose to show off these little accents in your home with how you style it.

Photo by Benjamin Benschneider Photography.

In the room above, styled by Gregory Carmichael Interior Design, you can see how the details of the molding and the ceiling are accented by paint. A glossy white accents the molding, while having a contrasting color on the ceiling brings attention to the interesting elements of the space. The large windows in the dining area are brought to your attention as the darker color that borders them stands out from the lighter walls.

Simple accents like the ones above can take your home from “Oh, this is nice” to “Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous!” Start accenting your home today, or adding architectural interest to your space with Gelotte Hommas.


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