The Artwork of Gelotte Hommas: Envisioning a Home

When you trust an architect to build your home, you’re trusting their creative eye. They often times will show you the plans that they have, but if those don’t go beyond simple sketches or blue prints, you’re stuck trying to let your imagination picture a place that you’re expecting to live in for the next few decades.

Trying to picture a home from a blueprint, especially if you’re not used to reading them, it can be like picturing your favorite character from a novel, and then watching the book to movie version. No matter how you pictured the character, the silver screen version isn’t quite what you thought it would be–Picturing a house without a clear image to go by can be the same way.

Gelotte Hommas goes beyond the blueprint with clients to show them a clear image of what direction their home is taking, and how they plan to see the finished product. We do so with colorful renderings of the home, so that you can see exactly what to expect. Here are a few examples for you; click each image to see a larger version. Too see more rendering please visit our website.


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