Our Experience at the MOB Garden Party

Recently our very own Scott Hommas was invited to attend a wonderful MOB Garden Party to support thePacific Northwest Ballet. Garden parties are a great way to celebrate the summer and a great cause or organization, like the Pacific Northwest Ballet, as well as a great way to enjoy your outdoor living space and the great weather.

The watercolor elevation of the home done during design

The party was held at Jeanne Tweten & Jim Leslie’s home, which was actually designed by Gelotte Hommas Architecture. We were happy to see how the design of the home could cater to the needs of entertaining, as well as to enjoy the company of others there to support such a great program as the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

During the garden party, attendees enjoyed a talk with Peter Boyle, the Artistic Director of of the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Alabastro Photography captured a few photos of the crowd during the speech, several of which have Scott somewhere in the mix, like this one:

Scott Hommas stands with Jeanne Tweten during the Peter Boyle talk. Photo by Alabastro Photography

Did you attend the garden party? What has been your favorite Pacific Northwest Ballet show? What design element do find most essential to outdoor entertaining? Share your thoughts and stories with us in a comment.

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