GHA Scavenger hunt – and there is a PRIZE on the line!

We just got something  back from the printer – take a look! This poster is one of our newest projects aptly named Cedar Haven.

Where is this amazing poster going? We are so glad you asked! This beauty is going on display in the AIA office in downtown Seattle.

One of two presentation boards hanging downtown in the AIA window

You want to know something else? We have one other poster hung there as well and we want you to go find it.

Here’s the skinny – one lucky person who goes to the AIA office in Seattle,  finds our other poster and posts a comment on here with the following instructions will win *drum roll* a gift certificate to Starbucks!

Here’s what you need to post:

1) What style is the home in the poster

2) What color is the home

3) What is your favorite part about the home design.

We will choose the winner by the person with the most “impressive” answers by next wednesday 8/31. (We will leave it up to you to figure out what is impressive) That’s  it! Now get out there and enjoy some of this Seattle summer weather. We can’t wait to hear what you all think!

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