Discover Fallen Maples

Fallen Maples, a home designed by Gelotte Hommas Architecture, is set to be featured in the next issue of 425 Magazine. Fallen Maples is the perfect example of what Gelotte Hommas stands for–Innovative green architecture that is eco-friendly while maintaining all functionality and extreme beauty.

Fallen Maples is located in the prestigious Grand Ridge Drive custom home neighborhood of Issaquah Highlands, which features homes on two or more acres of beautiful, wooded lots. The surrounding woods served as great inspiration and a great source for the home, as Gelotte Hommas decided to put the fallen trees to good use.

This 4,600 square foot home was built using completely reclaimed wood, and great features like the dining table, cabinets, and interior wood trim are made from fallen trees that were pulled from the property. The open, spacious and  light-filled great room makes the woodland meadow around the home a focal point, showcasing it’s beauty both inside the home and out.

The environmentally conscious ideals of Gelotte Hommas and the attention of the builder who brought the home to fruition, Roberts Wygal, earned Fallen Maples a 4-Star Built Green® certification. The home embodies beauty, eco-friendly design, and high functionality. Be sure to see it featured in the next 425 Magazine for an even closer look at this beautiful space.

Photography by Michael Seidl. Interior design by Hilary Young Design Associates. 


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