Tell Us About Your Architectural Style

Gelotte Hommas Architecture may design beautiful homes, but as the cliche adage goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The homes we create are considered beautiful because of their expert craftsmanship and the techniques used to create them, but also because they contain elements that our clients are looking for in their home or building.

We want to know why you think this home is wonderful or not, not just whether or not you like it. Tell us what you think!

With that being said, we want to know what your thoughts on architecture are. Architecture is something that is loved in many different forms and tastes, and we want to know which styles and ideals fit yours. We’ve created a simple survey with Survey Monkey that we would love for you to take to tell us about your preferences. CLICK HERE to take the survey. The questions are short and sweet and shouldn’t take but a minute or two to fill out. After the survey is complete, leave us a comment telling us that you took it, or commenting on what you love about Gelotte Hommas’s work, or about architecture as a whole.

We can’t wait to see your responses!

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