See The Sites in Seattle As Dwell Goes On a Tour

Seeing the city that we love so much, Seattle, through the eyes of others who have an eye for design is a wonderful thing indeed.  Last year, Dwell took a little tour in the city when they were writing about a home in the area. We love the various snap shots they included in a report that captures some of the great sculptures and architectural elements around the city that we wanted to share with you:

The iconic Space Needle

This shot from Olympic Sculpture Park shows off some of Seattle’s modern architecture along with it’s most iconic piece, the Space Needle.

Beverly Pepper's Peer's Ventaglio III

There are plenty of inspiring sculptures in Seattle that serve as part of the creative process in the Seattle, lending themselves as muses to aspiring architects.

See the rest of Miyoko Ohtake‘s photos in her pictorial article in Dwell. What snap shots do you have of Seattle architecture and inspirational spaces?


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