A New Style of Pool House

We’ve told you a great deal about accessory buildings over the summer, but we’re guessing none of you thought to build your own little second home in your backyard. Interestingly enough, that’s exactly what a couple in Litchfield County, Connecticut decided to do.

Shafer's client asked for an open and airy pool-house to work as a summer home.

This couple lived in an extremely authentic 18th century home with low ceilings and other features that just made their home feel claustrophobic in the summer. Rather than stay cramped up in the house, they asked Gil Shafer, to design them an accessory building that would work as a summer home with a pool.

The inside and outside are designed to feel open, but aged, like this beautiful bathroom.

The space functions as a pool-house and a guest house that has a wonderful indoor/outdoor feel, is open and airy and the direct counterpart to the main house, and provides a light and open summer refuge for the homeowners. The building was designed to look older so that it could blend with the main house, while delicately still including many modern elements.

See more photos of this amazing home at Architectural Digest.

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