Seattle Arts Get Architectural Style Posted on July 29, 2011 By kmoore (Edit)

An architect doesn’t just create a building or structure–They create a functional, large scale piece of art that people can admire for decades. Understanding the link between the creation of art and architecture is essential, and a new art exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum is helping to make that understanding more tangible.

Mika Tajima is an artist that combines the art of architecture with other mediums in Seattle.

Mika Tajima is working to show the connections between art and architecture in her architectural art exhibit,After the Martini Shot. Tajima utilizes many mediums, “combining painting, sculpture, design, performance, video and sound” to create a new experience for her viewers, bringing them to experience art in a new way. The exhibit steps into the world of architecture as a “dynamic, architectural installation that explores the structure and language of painting as well as complicates the institutional history of displaying objects in a gallery.”

Head to the Seattle Art Museum to view this installation from Mika Tajima, and let us know which piece was your favorite in a comment. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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