On the Boards with Gelotte Hommas: The Bellevue Residence

Gelotte Hommas consistently has great projects in the works, and the Bellevue Residence, currently on our “On the Boards” stage, is no exception.

We're working to create a beautiful home for this active family to enjoy for years to come.

This residential space is being designed to house a wonderful and casual lifestyle for an active family that will need space to enjoy life and to grow throughout the years. The home is nuzzled into a hillside, making it comfortable, cozy, and like it’s own everyday retreat.

Inside the home there will be plenty of space for the family to enjoy, including the indoor/outdoor great room.

As we plan the space, we’re maintaining our focus on facilitating open and flexible modern living within the home, making it efficient, spacious, and welcoming.

The site plan offers a look at the accessory and green spaces that the family will get to enjoy.

To enhance the family atmosphere and to make the home open for entertaining, we’re enhancing the space with a large indoor/outdoor great room that will feature sliding panel doors to provide a 32′ clear opening, keeping the family in touch with the outdoors whenever they so please from the comfort of their home.

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