Take a Walking Tour of Seattle’s Architecture

The 1411 Fourth Avenue Building is a classic and iconic piece of architecture in Seattle.

In Seattle it is easy to be distracted by the big names across the skyline. While we do have some iconic structures, like the Space Needle and Smith Tower, there is so much more to be found around Seattle. Take a walking tour of Seattle’s architecture to capture the real beauty in the buildings all around us.

Are you more of an independent soul that likes to explore without a tour guide? If so, then you can read the guidance of Maureen R. Elenga in her 2008 book, Seattle Architecture: A Walking Guide to Downtown. That work will tell you about some of the wonderful buildings downtown, like the Seaboard Building or Rainer Square, along with its historical and architectural significance in the world today.

If you like having a tour guide along with you to answer questions and help you keep your way, then take one of the numerous tours offered by the Seattle Architecture Foundation. There are 19 tours available in August alone, and still 16 to go for the month of July.

Have you taken an architecture tour of Seattle yet?

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