Become an Architect for Two Weeks in Seattle

Were you born to be an architect? This 2 week course could be perfect for you.

Are you a huge fan of architecture and architectural design in Seattle, but not a member of the trade? Get a glimpse and the experience of an architect’s life and outlook in a two week course of the University of Washington.

As part of their Summer Youth Programs, the University of Washington is hosting “Community Architecture: Solving Social and Environmental Issues Through Design“, a two week course where middle school students can learn how architecture can shape our world, both physically and socially, by working to solve social and environmental problems with good design. During the two week event you will study basic elements of urban design and architecture, while also creating a physical and digital model just like the pros. The course will meet Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 12 PM from August 1-12 at UW Seattle. It’s $425 + $75 materials fee per participant, but you can bring your own laptop and skip the materials fee.

Are you ready to be an architect?

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