Summer Holiday Inspirations for Your Home

Summer holidays are now in full swing as the Fourth of July weekend is upon us. Many of you are probably preparing to entertain, whether it be a cook out, a pool party, or just a dinner with family and friends. Whatever events you have planned, chances are that this weekend you will notice both things that you love and things that you’re not crazy about in your home.

Our design for the project The Point, the indoor seating flows directing into outdoor seating, creating a perfect space for entertaining.

One of those items that become more apparent during summer entertaining is space. The hot summer sun can sometimes become too much for guests out on your patio–Do you have a sunroom or indoor area where they can retreat? When you have a pool party, do your guests have to pass through several halls in your home with wet feet to get to the restroom?

Do you have enough seating by the pool? Adding a pool house adds space and accommodates your guests' needs.

Solve such issues with architectural additions from Gelotte Hommas, such as adding on a new area to the home to include a sunroom or sitting room, or by building a pool house for guests complete with a restroom and a shower. With such additions, you’ll find your home is much more accessible, as well as more enjoyable, during the summer months.

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