Architecture’s Ability to Alter Perspective

While venturing onto Design Milk, a comment in an article particularly caught our eye. In the  posting on Qi Wellness Center, the writer stated the following:

“I am drawn to this wellness center lobby design created by Manadaº Architecture Studio, mostly because it already makes me feel better.”

We can see why, as the beautifully designed space contains natural wood with bright colors in smooth, soothing lines that welcome you into the center:

The welcome area of the Wellness Center is fresh and inviting.

The welcome area of the Wellness Center is fresh and inviting.

What the author is getting at, without having to spell it out, is that the architecture and design of the space immediately effect their perception of the business. By creating a space that gives visitors a “good feeling” about you and your company, you are automatically setting yourself up for success. A wellness center or doctor’s office with a cheerful, less clinical environment in the lobby can be seen as more personable and more relaxing, enriching the experience for those present. A corporate office for a major company can be sleek and streamlined while still readily catering to visitors needs, making the company seem well organized and yet accessible.

How is your architecture benefiting your company?

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