Johan Sundberg’s Bergman Werntoft House

Just recently we saw photos of Johan Sundberg’s Bergman Werntoft House in Sweden in the Contemporist. We love the style and design of this modern space, that has more of the open and airy appeal of a cabin rather than the harsher, more clinical approach that some modern spaces have.

The extensive use of gorgeous wood and glass walls gives this home a casual elegance

Rather than using metal and streamlined materials, Sundberg kept the space at ease with wood and other natural elements, making it feel more homey than industrial.

Spacious windows bring the outside into this natural space.

Floor to ceiling windows and skylights tie each room in the home to the outdoors. Along with exposed wooden walls in the home and the natural aesthetic of the decor, the space becomes not just a reflection of nature, but a part of it.

To see more photos of the space, how it relates to nature, and how each nook within the home serves a purpose, read the full article.

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