Accenting Indoor Architecture With Plant-Infused Green Walls

There’s a new product and trend in architecture that’s positively infatuating: Accenting indoor architecture with plant-infused green walls. These walls are literally walls of plant life to help bring the outdoors in, to infuse more urban spaces with plant life, and to help filter the air indoors.

This plant-lined walk way is colorful, modern, and inviting, with added touches of whimsy to make it something spectacular.

Rather than placing a ficus in the corner, wouldn’t you rather have a mobile hedge as part of your home or office architecture?

This hedge is for your indoor design, and can be moved about at will.

How about a wall of coleus to add color and clean the air of your lobby area?

Help your clients breath easy with this structural accent.

These structural plants are from Green Works, and come in a nice variety of plant life, shape, and form. At the forefront of eco-friendly and environmentally sound architecture, Gelotte Hommas is excited to see  yet another amazing element added to the ingenuity of such projects.

If you’re looking to design a green commercial or residential property, let our firm handle it for you. Gelotte Hommas is well versed in eco-friendly architecture and can create a modern, well-designed space that perfectly fits your needs while working to preserve and protect the Earth around it. Contact us today for more information.

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