See the Final Touches on One of Gelotte Hommas’s Projects

As you know, the homeowner of the Sammamish Remodel that Gelotte Hommas has been working on has been helping to document our careful progress through videos that have been placed on Youtube. You can visually watch as the remodel comes to life and comes together, through the snow and through clearer skies.

Just three weeks ago, a new video was posted that shows further progress and some of the final touches as they are added to the home. You can see it, as well as the previous videos that tell the story of the space as it slowly develops into a finished area.

Watching a time lapse video helps to give viewers a sense of the process and the time it takes to create a new space or to adapt an old one. Watching these videos is a wonderful idea for those of you ready to undergo a remodel, so you can see a bit of the progress and process that will be involved. If you have further questions on remodeling your home, please contact us at Gelotte Hommas.

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