Share Your Experiences from the Annual Architecture Model Exhibit

The 14th Annual Architecture Model Exhibit concluded last week for the Seattle Architecture Foundation. Gelotte Hommas had been included in that showing, and would like to extend thanks to all of you who were able to make it out to see the exhibit at Pacific Place.

In addition to our thanks, we would also like to extend a little curiosity: What did you think of the exhibit? Please share your opinions with us in a comment. What was your favorite part of the exhibit? Your favorite model? What did you think of the concept?

Visitors to the exhibit discuss around one of the models. Photo: JOE DYER / SEATTLEPI.COM

We would love to hear your thoughts, even if they don’t relate to Gelotte Hommas’ presence at the exhibit. Also, if you have any pictures from your visit, be sure to share them with us on our Facebook page! You can visit us there and on Twitter for the most up to date information on what’s going on with Gelotte Hommas!

GHA spends the evening celebrating with “The Best of 425!”

Gelotte Hommas was voted the “Best Architect” in this month’s issue of 425 Magazine. We were excited and truly honored that all of you voted for us! We teamed up with a few of the other winners to throw a big thank you celebration. We would like to congratulate all of our fellow winners and give a special thanks to:Craig Williams Interiors (Best Interior Designer), Hallway Gallery (Best Art Gallery), Hamish Anderson Custom Homes, Inc (Best Builder), Pinkabella Cupcakes (Best Dessert) and Matthews Estate (Best Winery)

Green House of the Month From Green Source Offers Whimsical Architecture

GreenSource Magazine, a great resource for environmentally and eco-friendly architects and builders, releases photos of a new green home each month to show new innovation in the industry. The latest design has a whimsical touch to it that makes it almost cute:

the branch look on the front of this house offers a touch of whimsy.

Lakewood House’s signature brise soleil is made from whole, locally felled logs, adding in intriguing focal point to the streamlined building design. The logs aren’t only for looks, however. They take some of the burden of cooling the home off of the geothermal system that is installed. The logs in question were not an elaborate installation either; they were installed by simply bolting them to columns and then securing them with clawed washers. What a simple addition to a green home to not only add a fun touch to the exterior, but to also further energy conservation.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture named “Best Local Architect” in 425 Magazine!

This morning the post man brought 425 Magazine’s annual “Best of 425″ issue
and with it a big box of excitement!
We are so very proud to announce that
Gelotte Hommas Architecture was named the “Best Architect” in all of 425.
Wow! Thank you!

Gelotte Hommas named "Best Architect" in 425 Magazine

This means more to us than just really great advertising by the way. This announcement is based off of all of you, our clients and friends, voting for us which clearly states  that we must be doing our job right. Our mission statement of  “Develop distinctive architectural solutions that meet the needs of our clients through design excellence, dependable project delivery systems, and proactive client service” is not just some verbiage we have hanging over our door – it’s our philosophy. We want to graciously thank all of you for casting your vote for us over the past few months. Without you, we would not be. We are currently working out exactly how we are going to thank you all so STAY TUNED!

Green Build 2011

The Green Build Expo features the latest and greatest for green builders.

The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo is coming up, and it’s time for you to register. This event discusses the future of green building, with expert speakers, open forums, and much more.

Green Build 2011 will be held in Toronto, where speakers (set to be announced on a rolling basis) will discuss the future of green building and eco-friendly architecture across the globe, along with other events, like a green film festival and a green job fair for those new to the trade. For those new to green building, there will be LEED workshops and other educational opportunities to learn more ab out the environmentally friendly aspects of the trade.

This year’s expo is set in Toronto, taking the event into an international status. The dates are set for October 4-6, 2011. Early registration is due by August 15th, so hurry and register. Registration will also be available at the event.

Are you going to Green Build?

Architecture’s Ability to Alter Perspective

While venturing onto Design Milk, a comment in an article particularly caught our eye. In the  posting on Qi Wellness Center, the writer stated the following:

“I am drawn to this wellness center lobby design created by Manadaº Architecture Studio, mostly because it already makes me feel better.”

We can see why, as the beautifully designed space contains natural wood with bright colors in smooth, soothing lines that welcome you into the center:

The welcome area of the Wellness Center is fresh and inviting.

The welcome area of the Wellness Center is fresh and inviting.

What the author is getting at, without having to spell it out, is that the architecture and design of the space immediately effect their perception of the business. By creating a space that gives visitors a “good feeling” about you and your company, you are automatically setting yourself up for success. A wellness center or doctor’s office with a cheerful, less clinical environment in the lobby can be seen as more personable and more relaxing, enriching the experience for those present. A corporate office for a major company can be sleek and streamlined while still readily catering to visitors needs, making the company seem well organized and yet accessible.

How is your architecture benefiting your company?

Johan Sundberg’s Bergman Werntoft House

Just recently we saw photos of Johan Sundberg’s Bergman Werntoft House in Sweden in the Contemporist. We love the style and design of this modern space, that has more of the open and airy appeal of a cabin rather than the harsher, more clinical approach that some modern spaces have.

The extensive use of gorgeous wood and glass walls gives this home a casual elegance

Rather than using metal and streamlined materials, Sundberg kept the space at ease with wood and other natural elements, making it feel more homey than industrial.

Spacious windows bring the outside into this natural space.

Floor to ceiling windows and skylights tie each room in the home to the outdoors. Along with exposed wooden walls in the home and the natural aesthetic of the decor, the space becomes not just a reflection of nature, but a part of it.

To see more photos of the space, how it relates to nature, and how each nook within the home serves a purpose, read the full article.

GHA announced as an award of Merit winner for the 2011 Gold Nuggets

The Gold Nugget Awards are the largest award ceremony of it’s kind – not to mention the longest running. Based in California, the awards are geared to give recognition to exceptional individuals in the areas of design, planning and development.

We are very honored to announce that our project Lakefront Splendor is one of seven merit awards in Category 10 – Renovated or Restored Single House orProject.
This is truly an amazing home.

Lakefront Splendor - 2011 Merit Award Winner

The Grand award winners will be chosen out of the Merit Award winners for each catergory on June 23rd.
Check out the rest of the Merit winners by clicking here.

An Essential Element to the American Dream: Owning A Home

Gelotte Hommas specializes in custom residential architecture because we know how important having your home is to you, and we want it to be custom made to suit you and your needs. In a way, we’re just helping you to fulfill the American Dream, as owning a home is essential to fulfilling that goal.

his isn't just a home--it's an investment.

The American Dream of prosperity, freedom, and comfort, has many elements, but even in the struggling house market of today, it appears that renters, non-home owners, and home owners all believe that owning a home is still an essential element to this ideal in our culture. Home ownership is still looked upon as one of the best investments you can make, and if you’re already a homeowner, then you know how rewarding the experience can be.

Add to the value of your home by upgrading and renovating your space. You can do this easily by upgrading the kitchen and the bathrooms, rooms that buyers look at more closely than others, or by adding accessory buildings with the help of Gelotte Hommas.

Tree Inspired Restaurant Design

While exploring some of the other innovations in green design on the Contemporist, we found this wonderful design for a restaurant in Sydney from Koichi Takada Architects. The center of the restaurant is designed to look like a giant tree, inspired by the cherry trees that the architects are so familiar with.

The center of the restaurant mimics the trunk of a giant tree

The space has a natural and organic feel to it thanks to the tree design, while still maintaining the simple and chic lines of a modern space. As you can see from the picture, guests at the bar can feel that they truly are sitting under the branches of a giant tree towering over them while they enjoy a martini or an appetizer.

As nature becomes more and more important to architects around the world, more firms are getting inventive with their creative use of not only eco-friendly products, but design itself as found in nature. What do you think of this trend?

Accenting Indoor Architecture With Plant-Infused Green Walls

There’s a new product and trend in architecture that’s positively infatuating: Accenting indoor architecture with plant-infused green walls. These walls are literally walls of plant life to help bring the outdoors in, to infuse more urban spaces with plant life, and to help filter the air indoors.

This plant-lined walk way is colorful, modern, and inviting, with added touches of whimsy to make it something spectacular.

Rather than placing a ficus in the corner, wouldn’t you rather have a mobile hedge as part of your home or office architecture?

This hedge is for your indoor design, and can be moved about at will.

How about a wall of coleus to add color and clean the air of your lobby area?

Help your clients breath easy with this structural accent.

These structural plants are from Green Works, and come in a nice variety of plant life, shape, and form. At the forefront of eco-friendly and environmentally sound architecture, Gelotte Hommas is excited to see  yet another amazing element added to the ingenuity of such projects.

If you’re looking to design a green commercial or residential property, let our firm handle it for you. Gelotte Hommas is well versed in eco-friendly architecture and can create a modern, well-designed space that perfectly fits your needs while working to preserve and protect the Earth around it. Contact us today for more information.

UPDATE: Seattle Architect Foundation exhibit to feature Gelotte Hommas

The Seattle Architecture Foundation is hosting their 14th Annual Architecture Model Exhibit, where Gelotte Hommas will be one of the featured exhibits.

"An Imagined History"

We are particularly excited to showcase this particular project as there could not be a better fit for the SAF theme this year of  “Transitions: Transforming Place, Process, and Practice”.
The event outlines what all this entails in their description:

Place: The work shown plays a role in the transition of place. These projects both shape and are shaped by their given context.
Process: The models shown fit into the architectural design process and tell a bigger story about design and the transitions throughout a project’s life that shape its final form.
Practice: The architecture industry has constantly reinvented itself in response to technology, economic realities and new movements. Old ideas are constantly challenged and new ideas are developed and tested.

We don’t want to give away too much, but we will say that this is truly a unique project with numerous interesting aspects and we are very excited to be sharing it with all of you. The exhibit’s Opening Reception is June 17th; you can purchase tickets now. The exhibit will be open from June 21st – 24th at Pacific Place in Seattle. We will see you there!