Ideas for Using Architectural Salvage

A recent Seattle remodel featured in Old House magazine presents some great ideas for using architectural salvage to create a historic feel inside your home. The feature describes how Robin Warner and Rich Moyer lovingly restored a 1908 Foursquare in Seattle’s Nob Hill neighborhood to its former glory with architectural salvage and historically accurate new construction.

The historic home had been updated throughout the years to reflect the trends of the day, but much of its original look had been covered over. Underneath it all, the couple found inspiration from the original structure of the home. Chief among Robin’s vision for the home was including architectural salvage collected over the years as well as found items to create an aged look to match the home’s architecture.

Ideas for Using Salvaged Materials

  • antique buffet turned kitchen island 
    Image via

    Image via

  • antique and vintage light fixtures
  • salvaged laundry sink
  • salvaged leaded glass window in staircase
  • salvaged French doors

Though architectural salvage doesn’t always come ready-to-use, the repair work necessary pays off in lovingly restored and age-appropriate interiors. Check out Old House’s “Salvage Shopping Tips” for more renovation style.

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