Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation recently paid $48,800 for the collection of Wright photographs, correspondence and select building plans at a Los Angeles auction, the Associated Press reports.

The foundation seeks to preserve the architect’s legacy, and the items purchased at auction include photos of Wright buildings that no longer exist, including his home and the demolished Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, according to the Associated Press.

We’ve created homes influenced by Wright, including this Virginia prairie-style home with a 3,000-square-foot main house and 550-square-foot guest house.

Prairie House in the Virginia Woods

The builder, Shelter Associates Ltd., helped create a home with simple, beautiful lines and these other key details:

• Choice of colors and materials matches the landscape

• “Wisteria” detailing featured on interior and exterior doors as well as the tile work in the showers

• Dining room side of kitchen cabinet can be used as a buffet or the shelf can be folded up and hidden away

In what ways does Wright’s architecture appeal to you?

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