Contemporary Architecture Speaks to Nature with Northwest Perspective

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This Prairie House in Virginia Evokes Modern Design There are plenty of options when it comes to deciding on what kind of home design you are looking for. If you’re swinging towards a modern look, we recommend the prairie style… Continue reading

An Escape from the City – Cabin in Suncadia by Gelotte Hommas

Inspired by the mountainous wilderness surrounding the popular vacation destination Suncadia Resort, Cabin in Suncadia was designed to perfectly utilize the warm tones of nature in unison with a rustic, inviting structure. The area surrounding Suncadia is a… Continue reading

Where Mountain Meets Modern: House in a Mountain Meadow

To many, a home in the mountains is seen as the perfect place to live. Since they tend to be isolated, mountain residences can provide peace from the frenetic pace of the cities. They’re also elevated over the… Continue reading

Travel Back to the Old World With Mediterranean and Tuscan Architecture

Neutral tones, expansive windows, and natural shapes characterize the Mediterranean style of architecture. Relaxing and inspiring, Mediterranean and Tuscan style homes have a timeless appeal that draws people in, making them feel comfortable and welcome.… Continue reading

Catch the Ocean Breeze With Contemporary Pacific Northwestern Style Homes

A new take on warm textures, smooth lines, and natural materials, the contemporary Pacific Northwestern architectural style incorporates aspects of modern engineering and sleek interior design to create a sophisticated yet welcoming home. Thick,… Continue reading

Custom Car Garages Designed by Gelotte Hommas

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Gelotte Hommas Creates Tuscan Home Designs

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Cabin House Plans for Your New Project

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Cozy Mediterranean Home Designs

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Reasons to Consider a Contemporary Design for Your Custom Home Build

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High End Interior Designs for Custom Appeal

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Create a Mid-Century Modern Design Home That’s Family Friendly

Like its name suggests, Mid-Century Modern is a style that originated in that particular part of the 20th Century, which started at around 1933 and lasted until around 1965. Even though it is… Continue reading

Rustic Interior Designing 101

Sometimes, the home best-suited to a particular location is simple and uncomplicated rather than urbane and sophisticated. Rustic interior homes have a long, proud tradition of providing warm and welcoming living environments for… Continue reading

Looking to Build Your Dream Home? Here’s How Gelotte Hommas Can Help!

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Let Gelotte Hommas Design the Perfect Home to Showcase Your Stunning Artwork

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Gelotte Hommas Can Incorporate Stunning Views Into Your Home Design

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Want an Outdoor Living Space? Gelotte Hommas Has Got You Covered!

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Let the Light Into Your Master Bath With a Beautiful Skylight

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Have an Extensive Car Collection? Consider Building a Custom Garage

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Want a Unique Look? Gelotte Hommas Can Design Your Home With Exposed Trusses!

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Gelotte Hommas Can Build the Elegant Mountain Home of Your Dreams

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Designing Your Dream Home With a Panorama View

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How to Decide on the Right Floor Plan for Your Home

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Want a Home With Charm? Consider Building a Storybook Cottage

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5 Things Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs so You Can Enjoy the Party

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The Benefits of Including a Patio in Your Home Build

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How to Add Traditional Designs to a Coastal Home

Coastal homes are meant to be comfortable in a casual manner, making them well-suited to people in need of some rest and relaxation. In contrast, traditional homes are all about their classic timelessness,… Continue reading

Impress Your Houseguests With a Beautiful Firepit

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Tips for Building a Home With a Fantastic View

The homeowner’s view of the surroundings is one of the reasons that choosing the right location is so important when it comes to building a home. More than pleasing to the senses, a… Continue reading

Normandy Style Home Interior Designs

Enjoy the style and appeal of Normandy ever day when you design your home with this classic city’s character. Gelotte Hommas Architecture has created lovely homes with Normandy’s appeal. The following design elements… Continue reading

Mediterranean Lake Front Homes

Mediterranean lake front homes evoke a sense of relaxation and family. Their traditional appeal and use of natural materials makes you feel more connected to nature and the world around you. At Gelotte… Continue reading

Contemporary Home Designs With A Dramatic Flair

For homeowners who prefer something newer and more exciting than tried-and-true solutions, the choice between classic and contemporary homes is a simple one. Better still, whatever it is about classic homes that charms… Continue reading

The Mediterranean Villa [Villa At San Sebastian]

Living in a Mediterranean villa lets you experience the beauty of nature to its fullest. This style of home is designed to blend into the natural beauty of its surroundings. Natural materials such… Continue reading

A Contemporary Northwestern Architectured Home

You don’t necessarily have to choose between rustic and modern living. At Gelotte Hommas, we love combining the two styles to create contemporary, Northwestern-inspired designs. With a look that incorporates the beauty of… Continue reading

Vacation Homes Hiding High In The Woods

Since homes can come in a remarkable range of styles, colors, materials, and a hundred other important and not so important factors, it should be obvious that not all homes are as well-suited… Continue reading

Combining Island Living and Luxury

Islands situated close to the mainland have long been popular places to live. On the one hand, closeness to the mainland means that island residents retain convenient access to all of the amenities… Continue reading

Design A Home That Will Compliment The Environment

Given the rise of environmentalism, the rising interest in homes that fit into natural environments is no coincidence. Such homes are in no sense inferior to their counterparts, so long as their architects… Continue reading

Contemporary Kitchen Designs for your Home

Contemporary kitchens are sleek and elegant, allowing you to prepare meals in a space that is both relaxing and highly functional. Use these kitchen designs as inspiration as you work with your architecture… Continue reading

Gelotte Hommas Design Vision

Here at Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we have developed a national reputation for our creative and well-thought out residential architecture as well as our commercial design. Our architecture firm was established in 1983 by… Continue reading

Breathtaking Lakehouse Homes

When you live in an area that has a lot of nature or an incredible feature like a lake to show off, hiding it isn’t an option, and you have to build your… Continue reading

Exquisite Interior Wood Designed Homes

The Northwest United States is quite literally the great north woods, and regional architecture is quick to bring this point home. Nowhere else in the United States will you find the variety of… Continue reading

Gelotte Hommas Remodel Project

Remodeling projects can be pretty tricky for homeowners. After all, most people like certain features of their home and want to keep them even if they need slightly different features. For many people,… Continue reading

Cottage Restoration Home

Pulling in the driveway at a comfortable cottage always feels like you’re coming home to a place of comfort and relaxation. Cottage homes are not only charming, but also timeless in the way… Continue reading

Stellar Lakefront Homes

When you live on the lake, it makes sense to use home design elements that allow you to make the most of the natural beauty of the outdoors. Our Coastal Cove House is… Continue reading

Dream Garage Designs

If you love collecting old cars, it only makes sense to have a lovely space in which you can remodel them, display them, and keep them safe from the elements. Fancy garage designs… Continue reading

Entertain your Guests in your Open Floor Plan Home

You don’t necessarily need a huge home in order to entertain a lot of guests effectively. What you really need is an open floor plan — one that allows people to easily flow… Continue reading

European Home Designs

You don’t have to live in Europe to enjoy European-inspired home designs. Use these ideas as inspiration as you create a home that has individual character and a European appeal. French-Style Cottage Build… Continue reading

French Style Has Lasting Appeal with A Touch of Normandy

The Norman countryside is filled with chateaus whose architectural elements have proven timeless. From the peaceful lanes of Bayeux, of the bustling avenues of Caen, these homes stand as treasured testaments to the everlasting… Continue reading

Sandwith Estate Offers Traditional Style and Luxurious Amenities

From every angle, and within every corner, Sandwith Estate embodies the genuine beauty of traditional style. Designed to balance functionality with comfort, the property takes inspiration from the past while keeping its focus on… Continue reading

Trends in Meditteranean House Designs

When it comes to custom home designs, one style that has been growing in popularity over the last few years is the Mediterranean house design. A recent article on Architectural Digest even explored a… Continue reading

Rustic Architecture Houses Stylish Automobiles

If you are a car collector, like the ex-late night show host Jay Leno, then you’ll need a place to store all of your cars. You won’t want them cluttering up the exterior… Continue reading

Make the Most of the Sun In Your Coastal Vacation Home

Owning a vacation home is particularly wonderful way to escape the daily grind of life, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to have one, you probably want to make it as… Continue reading

Contemporary Style Meets Modern Elegance in Our Houghton Contemporary Design

At Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we often merge modern and traditional styles to create unique homes. We’re particularly proud of our Houghton Contemporary Design, which merges contemporary architect trends with come classic elements for… Continue reading

Kirkland Pacific Northwest Home

With its rustic and warm appearance, Pacific Northwestern architecture embodies the comfortable and inviting atmosphere of Northwestern America. Pacific Northwestern style homes are considered craftsman bungalows, whose main influence comes from the English Arts and Crafts movement of the late… Continue reading

Modern Meets Traditional in This Storybook Cottage

A traditional exterior disguises the Storybook Cottage’s sleek and modern interior with fairy tale touches such as red window casings, copper roofing, and a perfectly landscaped yard. Upon entering, the character of the house becomes more… Continue reading

The Farmhouse – A Luxury Home Inspired by the Past

Sometimes, what works best is not new and innovative but old and time-tested. For a perfect example, look no further than this Stone Farmhouse situated in the flowing landscape of Eastern Washington. The… Continue reading