timber building material

Why You Should Build Your Home Using Wood

When deciding which type of material to use for your home, you’ll discover plenty of options. If you’re leaning toward natural materials, consider having a wood home built. Timber homes offer aesthetic appeal, as well as several practical benefits. These are some of the advantages of living in a home made of wood: Better efficiency. […]

gothic lake

Defining Characteristics of Gothic Architecture for Your Home

Castles are the most popular examples of Gothic architecture, but this style can also be applied to homes. This type of architecture dates back to Medieval times, when people went to great lengths to make their dwellings seem light and airy. These are some of the defining characteristics of Gothic architecture that can be incorporated […]

master bath design tips

How to Think Through Your Master Bath Plan [Houghton Contemporary]

Master bathrooms allow homeowners to enjoy some quiet and privacy at the end of a busy day, and they also provide a comfortable and luxurious place to get ready in the morning. There are several possibilities for designing a master bath, depending on the homeowner’s preferences and the layout of the home. Homeowners can use […]

Contemporary architecture features

Architecture Ideas for Your Contemporary Home

There’s no easy way to define contemporary architecture in specific terms. In broader terms, it refers to recent styles that focus on functionality and incorporate newer construction materials. Contemporary homes also typically do not have features that are normally associated with historical architectural styles. Some of the common characteristics of contemporary architecture include: Plenty of […]

lakefront splendor

Ideas for Building a Beautiful Contemporary Home

Contemporary architecture is sometimes confused with modern architecture, but the two styles have their differences. While modern homes often have a streamlined look, open floor plan, large windows, and plenty of white or neutral hues, contemporary homes push the envelope when it comes to decorative touches. If you’re thinking of having a contemporary home built, […]

designing a mountain home

How to Make the Mountain Home Modern

Many people think of mountain homes as simple cabins tucked away among the trees, but these homes can be much more than that. They can be spacious houses that make the most of the surrounding scenic views and feature luxurious touches. The following ideas for a modern mountain home can help you decide how you would […]

prairie style home

How to Get the Modern Prairie Home Style Right

Prairie homes became common in the early 20th century. They provided a more spacious and visually-appealing home than more traditional homes with smaller windows and simple, four-wall designs. Prairie homes typically feature rows of windows and cantilevered roofs, as well as more open floor plans that bring in extra light. Other ideas for a modern […]

courtyard design tips

Build Your Home With a Courtyard for Entertaining

Courtyards provide a private outdoor space for entertaining guests. Whether you just want to have a few friends over for a late dinner or throw a larger party with dining and entertainment, there are plenty of options to choose from. Use the following ideas for homes with courtyards to think about how you would like […]

cape cod shingle style home

Like the Cape Cod Style? Use These Ideas

Natural colors, a broad frame, and a steep roof characterize Cape Cod homes. Although this style originated in New England, it has been adapted to the Northwest coast. If you’re a fan of Cape Cod style homes, there are several ways to accomplish this look. These are some of the features to consider giving your […]

Luxury master bath design

Tips for Creating a Perfect Luxury Master Bath

A master bath can serve as a luxurious place to retreat to after a long day. Imagine being able to soak in your very own spa or roomy tub and enjoy the upscale surroundings you would usually find in a luxury hotel. Here are some luxury master bath ideas to consider for your home: Set up […]

European-style home design

Tips for Creating a European Style Home

Homes with a European look provide some old-world charm that you don’t see often in the US. With some careful planning, you can create your own European-style home and feel as though you’re vacationing in the English or French countryside all year round. The following ideas can help you get started on this project: Create […]

man cave and garage

Love Your Cars? Give Them a Luxurious Place to Rest

There have been some impressive achievements in man cave design in recent years. One new trend that tends to astound is the man cave/luxury garage combination that is demonstrated in this Connecticut home. Gelotte Hommas Architecture has taken on such a luxury garage project as well at a home in Seattle to create a garage of 3,000 square […]

game room design tips

How to Build the Perfect Entertainment Room

If you’re contemplating the inclusion of an entertainment room in your home, some thought should be put into designing this room of your home to look attractive and fun. You, your family, and your guests will be spending memorable hours in your entertainment room taking advantage of your home’s luxuries, so go over the following […]

outdoor dining area

Enjoy Eating Outdoors? Create the Perfect Outdoor Dining Room

The summertime is the best time of the year for outdoor dining. You’ve still got time to complete an outdoor dining room project at your home that will add to your home’s capabilities for comfortably hosting guests. One great example of an outdoor dining room on a Sammamish home is this glassworks remodel from Gelotte Hommas Architecture. […]

Tuscan Style Home

Home Building Style Ideas: the Tuscan Home

Those who are trying to settle on a new style for their home need to consider their options and their affinities. If you have a love for simple elegance and countrified sophistication, you might want to consider incorporating the Tuscan style into your home. For an example of a Tuscan interior, consider this Sammamish Tuscan project completed […]

petite pool

Luxury Home Trends: Using Petite Pools

One of the most popular luxury home trends is pools. Some homeowners are choosing to build multiple smaller pools rather than one larger one, and at Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we have helped many customers create trendy, petite pools in their homes, so they can relax poolside with friends or fit in a pool workout before […]

Building a wine cellar

Building an Artful Wine Cellar for Your Luxury Home

Just like an architectural masterpiece, wine is an art form that is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed. Don’t hide yours in a locked cupboard. Get the most out of every bottle by building an artistic wine cellar where you can display it and admire its beauty until it’s time for that first fabulous taste. Here […]

Luxurious Kitchen

Popular Luxury Home Features That Are On the Rise

When building your home, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest luxury home trends. While you do not necessarily need to incorporate every trendy style or piece into your home, it is nice to choose at least a few decorations or design elements that give your home a new and modern appeal. At […]

Concrete design tips

Architecture Ideas: Making Your Walls Into Art

Instead of covering your walls with art, why not make the walls themselves a part of your home’s artwork? At Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we take an artistic approach to every home design, and we have designed many homes in which the choice of materials, placement, and shape of walls have played vital roles in the […]

building a healthy home

How to Design a Healthy Home to Live In

When designing a home, there are many different factors to take into consideration. Not only should aesthetics, convenience, and efficiency be considered, but the healthiness of a home should also be given thorough consideration. Gelotte Hommas Architecture understands the importance of a home’s overall health and factors this into the design and materials it works […]

universal design features

Home Building Trends: Build for Universal Design

Homeowners typically look forward to hosting guests, and it’s important that a property is able to accommodate every guest comfortably and without any complications. Gelotte Hommas Architecture understands the importance of creating properties that are able to accommodate a wide range of both household residents and household guests. Imbuing a home with features that make it accessible […]

Designing Around a Balcony

Ideas for Including a Beautiful Balcony on Your Home

When you need an attractive outdoor space, you’ll want to utilize different home balcony ideas. Using furniture and other items that don’t take up a lot of space makes it easier to maximize your balcony’s potential. You’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of it and impress your guests, too. Consider using the space for a […]

Sammamish Tuscan Property

Go Modern: Creative Doors And Windows on Your Home

There is no reason that doors and windows have to be boring; just because they are functional and necessary does not mean they can’t also be creative and interesting to look at. Modern home design allows for many different ways to make both doors and windows something exciting. Skylights – Privacy concerns do not have to mean […]

craftsman style home

Like the Craftsman Style Home? Use These Features

Craftsman style homes are breathtakingly natural. If you have been considering this style for your new home, it’s important to look at examples of existing homes to pinpoint exactly which features you want your craftsman home to have. Gelotte Hommas has worked on many homes of this type before, and one project we are especially proud […]

Library design tips

Love to Read? Make Room for Your Books With a Library

Your home should be a place in which you feel truly at ease and able to indulge in your favorite activities. If you love reading, having a library to house your books is essential. The architects at Gelotte Hommas have completed many library design projects, and we would love to help you make yours into a […]

Designing for the outdoors

Build Your Home to Live In Luxury With Nature

Living in nature can make you feel more connected to the world around you. At Gelotte Hommas, we completed a beautiful project called “The Woods Outback.” This gorgeous home is surrounded by nature, and every aspect of the home immerses you in its beauty. It incorporates some of the latest luxury home trends, and is […]

Indoor Pool Design

Luxury Home Features: Build an Indoor Swimming Pool

There are plenty of ways to add luxurious appeal to your home, but few luxury home trends are as exciting as including an indoor swimming pool. The architects at Gelotte Hommas have incorporated indoor pools into many of their past designs. One home in particular features an indoor pool that you can use as inspiration […]

Secret Rooms

Add Some Intrigue and Security With a Secret Room

All too often, you walk into a home and discover exactly what you expect. A tidy living room, well-decorated dining room, and a tasteful bathroom greet you. Whether you’re overly impressed by the decor or not, you’re rarely surprised. That all changes when you integrate a secret passage or hidden room into your home. Suddenly, […]

Building a home around great views

Building On a Great Location? Take Advantage of Your View

When you purchased your land, you probably focused on finding the most attractive plot around. Maybe your land offers a great view of a trickling stream, or maybe you can see a deep forest on three sides of your plot. You want to get as much enjoyment out of this setting as possible, and one […]


Luxury Home Features: Inspiring Mezzanines to Add Depth

One of the latest trending home features is the inclusion of a mezzanine. This wide-open floor space can serve many functions as a social area, family living space, or even a home office. Under a tall ceiling, mezzanines feel open and welcoming, and they allow you to show off your home’s best features in a […]

Designing an in-home art gallery

Love Art? Build In the Perfect Art Gallery to House Your Favorite Works

If you love art, there is no better way to indulge your appreciation than to build your own collection of paintings and drawings. Once you have this collection, however, it deserves a place of honor in your home. Use these home design inspiration tips to create an art gallery where your favorite works can be […]

large bathroom windows

Make Your Bathroom a Private Heaven With These Luxury Ideas

When you retreat into your bathroom for a relaxing shower at the end of a long day, you want the room to feel like your private heaven. With these luxury bathroom ideas, you can create the most pampering bathroom on the block. Discuss them with your design team if you’re building a new bathroom for your […]

Green Home Design

Want to Build Green? Follow These Sustainable Home Trends

Green building is more popular than ever, and this trend is certainly beneficial to both the planet and your wallet. At Gelotte Hommas, our talented architects are experienced in green architectural design and can help you create solutions that conserve energy and promote sustainability in your home. Here’s a look at some of the more popular […]

Kitchen Design Tips

Get an Amazing Kitchen by Using These Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When designing a kitchen, it’s important that it becomes a room that you cherish and appreciate. Try using some of these kitchen inspiration ideas to create a room that’s both functional and attractive: Modern kitchens almost always include a kitchen island, and it’s a good choice to […]

Outdoor Lounge Design

Get Inspired to Add Some Outdoor Living Areas to Your Home

Do you often look out your window and wish you spent more time outside in the beautiful sunlight? A great way to embrace the outdoors is to incorporate some outdoor living spaces in your backyard. The architects at Gelotte Hommas can help you design the perfect layout! Here are a few trendy outdoor living ideas […]

Deciding on a Floor Plan

Use These Tips If You’re Still Undecided On Your Floor Plan

Choosing a floor plan for your new home is not an easy task. Since floor plans are very difficult to change once the home is built, there is a lot of pressure to make the right choices. However, solidifying your floor plan is a very important step in the home building process, so it’s important […]

Designing a Flex Room

Give Your Home Extra Use by Building In a Flex Room

Have you ever wished that you could trade your dining room for a study? Are there times when your back hallway goes unused, but you think that it would be a great library? Building a flex room in your home is a great way to solve these problems. A flex room is a room that […]

Window Design

How Your Home’s Windows Will Impact the Interior

Choosing windows is a common part of the process you go through when designing the exterior of your home. However, the windows that you choose also impact your home’s interior look. Picking the right windows can help ensure that your home’s interior decor coordinates well and fits your personal taste. Use these home design inspiration […]

Building a Wooden Home

Building a Home? Why You Should Go for Wood

If you’re planning on building a home in the coming months or years, you probably find yourself looking around neighborhoods for unique designs that you could mimic. Most people take special notice of wood-based designs when deciding upon a style for their home, but few are aware of the many benefits of wooden homes. They […]

Gallery Home defines Modern Architecture Design

The Appeal of the Modern Home: Architecture Styles

By definition, modern architecture is an ever-changing style. Current modern design encompasses new technology to make homes easier to build and more efficient to operate using less traditional materials like concrete and steel. Modern design is always on the hunt for clutter, looking for ways to reduce it and eliminate it altogether. Elements of nature […]

Spiral Staircase and Spiral Design

The Effect of Spirals: What the Shape Adds to Home Design

The spiral has been used to depict spiritual concepts for thousands of years. Some ancient cultures used the spiral to represent the path from basic consciousness to the enlightenment of the inner soul and to represent the journey from the material world to the spiritual one. Incorporating the spiral into architecture dates back centuries and was often […]

In Progress

How to float a house through the Ballard Locks

Our project English Country Estate commenced on Monday by removing the existing house and floating it up to the San Juans via barge. That’s roughly a 100 nautical miles or so from where it started. The process went smoothly, and everyone had a really fun time watching the feat of engineering take place. To see […]


Consider a More Modern Bungalow Style for Your Home

Consider a More Modern Bungalow Style for Your Home

Every area of the country has its own interpretation of the bungalow-style home. From the long and lean brick bungalows in Chicago to the light, wooden West Coast bungalows with airy porches, this style of home has made its way from one end of the country to the other. No matter where you live, the […]

Recent Projects

Building a Home? Consider Normandy Style

Building a Home? Consider Normandy Style

When planning to build a new home it’s important to find the perfect style and design that truly matches your unique taste. Normandy style homes remain a popular choice among homeowners due to their Romanesque feel that mimics many of the stunning aspects often found in European castles, cathedrals, and churches.  Here at Gelotte Hommas […]


Nominate GHA on Houzz & get entered to win an iPad. Win-Win!

Nominate GHA on Houzz & get entered to win an iPad. Win-Win!

As most of you know we love the online database Houzz.com. From Architects, to Interior designers Houzz showcases design professionals nationwide. If you are looking for someone to help you with your next remodel, paint colors for your bathroom, tile for your kitchen, or some new trees to plant in your garden – then Houzz is […]


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